Professor Pan Maoyuan, the Leader of Higher Education, Praised the Curriculum Reform of Teachers in our Institute


On the morning of June 7, the cloud forum of "teacher talk about the curriculum reform" hosted by the school planning and construction development center of the Ministry of Education and the Application-oriented Curriculum Construction Alliance opened in the way of intelligent classroom live broadcast. Mr. Pan Maoyuan, the founder of higher education discipline and a 100 old professor in China, was invited to give a first speech and praise the curriculum reform of teachers in our school. More than 30,000 scholars and teachers at home and abroad watched the live broadcast.

In the report "the connotation and model of the connotative development of colleges and universities", Professor Pan Maoyuan profoundly interprets the rich connotation of colleges and universities from four aspects: "curriculum, teaching, teachers and professional talents". When talking about the content of "the connotation development model of colleges and universities", Professor Pan Maoyuan specially mentioned and highly appraised the two curriculum reform cases of teacher Song Hua's "practical exploration of vehicle engineering talents training of" production teaching integration, training enterprise reserve team "and teacher Wang Dan's" construction of financial management curriculum system of "building specialty according to reality, introducing project into Curriculum" The two cases provide a model for the curriculum reform of application-oriented universities.