Management Engineering Department


Management Engineering Department

The management engineering department of Qiqihar Institute of Engineering was established in 2003. There are 4 undergraduate majors: E-commerce, English, Financial Management and Marketing, and 1 specialized major: Accounting, forming a professional group with distinctive features, reasonable distribution and close integration of employment demands, with a total of 1000 students.


    1. Take “cultivating students' innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial innovation ability throughout the school system and cultivating applied and professional entrepreneurs “as the working guide for cultivating applied talents.

    2. Make full use of the professional knowledge learned by students in economic entities and provide students with sufficient practice and individual developing space.

    3. Carry out teaching in line with the school philosophy of "cooperation between government institutions and enterprises, integration of production, education and research, and integration of teaching and practice". Currently, there are 7 training rooms.

    4. Remarkable results have been achieved in course reform. At present, more than ten practical courses have been developed, which are highly recognized by peers from all walks of the society.