President Professor Cao Yong’an Led a Delegation to Visit University of Oxford


After the cultural inspection in London, president professor Cao Yongan led the delegation of 14 people from Qiqihar Institute of Engineering, Yunnan University of Business Management, Yunnan Hanwen Education Investment Group, Yunnan Medical Health College to visit and inspect University of Oxford and RAL Space production-study-research center in Oxford on February 5 (local time).

In the morning, the delegation was accompanied by Dr. Hao, a Chinese abroad student, to inspect University of Oxford and listen to professor George Leeson of the institute of population ageing, who made a research report on Factors and Results of Public Age. President professor Cao Yongan and professor George Leeson made an in-depth discussion on the education factor which was one of the influencing factors of the aging of the world population. Professor George Leeson showed a strong interest to the college’s applied curriculum construction after listening to introduction of talent training mode “Government-Institute-Industry Cooperation, Industry-Institute-Research Integration, and Teaching-Learning-Doing Unity” of Qiqihar Institute of Engineering .

University of Oxford is made up of Trinity College, Christ College, St John's College...38 colleges and four departments----Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences, Medical Sciences.The departments set up independent centers, research institutes and so on.

The delegation visited RAL Space production-study-research center in the afternoon. After listening to Robert Elliot, the principal of the center, who gave introduction about the basic situation of the center and its research projects, professor Lai, a shareholder of ESA BIC, the partner company of the center, led the delegation to visit the center’s satellite detection program experimental center. After the communication with professor Lai, the delegation had deeper understanding on RAL Space production-study-research center. President professor Cao Yongan had a discussion on curriculum construction, science and technology industrial park, innovation research and other aspects with professor Lai.

RAL Space production-study-research center is a multidisciplinary and comprehensive large national laboratory with employees about 1200. It is the famous international large scale of nuclear physics, synchronic radiation source, spallation neutron source, space science, particle astrophysics, information technology, high power laser applied research center. The science and technology industrial park, which is made up of RAL Space, SAC and ESA BIC, has the particle acceleration centre which ranks the first in UK and ranks the second in Europe.