President Cao Yong'an presided over the democratic life meeting of the school leadership


 On the morning of May 6 and the morning of May 7, President Cao Yong'an wired to preside over the democratic life meeting of the school's leading group, and officially launched the second stage of the school's "student-centered" educational thought discussion.

 At the meeting, President Cao Yong'an summed up the achievements of the discussion on "student-centered" education thought, explained the guiding ideology of starting the second stage of education activities, and required to establish a "big curriculum concept". Starting from the ideological concept change, focusing on the assessment and rectification, the key is to strengthen the construction of "three styles" (cadres' style, teachers' teaching style, teachers' and students' learning style), and the key is to improve it system and strict discipline. The democratic life meeting of the leading group was held. The members of the leading group were required to take the lead in setting an example, take a highly responsible attitude towards the school, the cause, the comrades and themselves, take up the weapons of criticism and self-criticism from the perspective of improving the style of work and promoting the unity of the group, carry out a positive and healthy ideological struggle, reform the body, improve the daily life, be frank, sincere, open-minded. The goal and effect of checking problems, clarifying directions, exchanging ideas, uniting forces, promoting work and common improvement are achieved.

 At the two-and-a-half-day life meeting, President Cao Yong'an took the lead in carrying out personal inspection and analysis, and members of the leading group carried out inspection and analysis one by one to carry out mutual criticism and self-criticism. In the process of self-criticism, we closely combined with the actual situation, found out the outstanding problems, deeply analyzed the causes, and put forward ideas and measures for improvement. In the process of mutual criticism, we were practical, honest, and shared ideas, which played a role in reminding each other, gathering consensus, promoting unity and encouraging.

 In the summary of the leading group's democratic life meeting and the mobilization speech of the second stage of educational activities, President Cao Yong'an pointed out that this democratic life meeting is the embodiment of the important achievements of the first stage of thematic education, with a good atmosphere, deepening of everyone's ideological understanding, in-depth analysis, serious criticism, further unifying their ideas, clarifying their direction and gathering their strength In the second stage of thematic education activities, on the basis of in-depth study and reflection, we should hold democratic life meetings at all levels, according to the arrangement of activities of "pulling ears, embarrassing and sweating", talk about problems, reasons and thoughts, and resolutely rectify the problems affecting the construction of "three styles" in schools with the courage and perseverance of bone scraping therapy We should adhere to strategic thinking, systematic thinking and bottom line thinking, dig deep into the root causes of problems, formulate safeguard measures, continuously improve the system, use the system to manage good people and good things, further lead the study and implementation of the "student-centered" education thought to the depth, increase the rectification of the qualification assessment of undergraduate teaching work, achieve greater results in solving problems, strengthen system construction and further work We should consolidate and expand the results of thematic education, and ensure that "student-centered" education activities are good at beginning and end, and good at success.