"Five Abilities" Lecture Series: Cooperation and Coordination Ability


    On the evening of May 14, the cooperation and coordination ability of Professor Zhang Yongchun's "five abilities" lecture series was conducted online, with more than 400 faculty members participating in the learning. Vice president Zhang Zhenzhu presided over the learning activity.

 Professor Zhang Yongchun first reviewed the contents of his lectures on cooperation and coordination ability for freshmen many years ago, and put forward three suggestions on improving cooperation and coordination ability: first, to be a "leader"; second, to care about the needs of others; third, if there is misunderstanding, the best solution is simple to complex. It is emphasized that in the process of growing up, we should be low-key in our life and high-key in our work. We believe that cooperation and coordination are interrelated, that coordination is the ability to resolve conflicts, that is, the ability to gather forces, that is, the ability to change negative factors into positive factors, that is, the ability to mobilize, organize and mobilize people's positive polarity; and that communication is the comprehensive expression of people's intelligence, ability and quality. The essence of cooperation and coordination ability is coordination ability.

 Professor Zhang Yongchun also shared with you the communication strategies in different situations, such as communication with superiors, communication in work execution, communication with subordinates, and communication with small partners. He stressed that we should recognize our communication objects and occasions in work, attach importance to active communication, and give suggestions on improving the language and writing expression ability: do not speak words that are not understood, and remove meaningless tone auxiliary words, read good books, remember good movie lines, learn to use body language, etc.

 At last, Professor Zhang Yongchun shared a test to measure communication ability, which helps everyone to understand their own communication short board, improve their expression ability and understanding ability, and makes all teachers feel benefited.