Construction Engineering Department


Construction Engineering Department

    Construction Engineering Department that was established in September 2008, presently has 3 undergraduate majors: Civil Engineering, Engineering Management, Landscape Architecture. It also has 1 specialized major: Engineering Survey Technology. There are nine laboratories including Building Materials, Fluids Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Geotechnical, Structural Mechanics, Soil and Fire. According to the needs of social production and the characteristics of the industry, Construction Engineering Department adjusts the semester arrangement by the construction cycle and arranges students to enter the internship position and participate in the whole process of the project so as to provide talents for the enterprise.


Construction Engineering Department makes a long-term cooperation with Qiqihar Construction Co., Ltd., Qiqihar Geodetic Surveying and Mapping Co., Ltd., Liaoning Future Development Surveying and Mapping Co., Ltd., and so on. There are 698 off-campus internship bases. Students go to internship with the specification by on-site teachers’ guidance. After completing the internship period, students have a comprehensive understanding to post and get paid. By coalition of schools and enterprises, it has realized the goal of cultivating enterprise reserves and has trained a large number of excellent professional talents for the society!