Mechanical Engineering Department


Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering Department presently has 5 undergraduate majors: Mechanism Design, Manufacturing and Automatization, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Vehicle Engineering, and the Automobile Service Engineering. It also has 3 specialized majors: Electromechanical Integration Technology, Vehicle Application and Maintenance Technology, Automobile Marketing and Service. Over the years, the department has actively adapted to the social development needs of the mechanical and electrical industry, guided by the changes in the human resource market demand, and closely focused on the "satisfaction project for the society and parents", which has delivered a large number of much-needed professional talents in the equipment manufacturing industry to the society.


In the process of running the school, the Department relies on the department industrial No.3 Machine Tool Co., Ltd., and truly realized the integration of production, study and research. It has trained a large number of promising engineering technicians and entrepreneurs for the society in the form of engineering task, curriculum, which has been widely recognized by the society and enterprises.